Domestic Beef

  • “Murakami Beef”(Kuroge Wagyu)
  • “Sado Beef” (Kuroge Wagyu)
  • Other beef products, etc.

Niigata Wagyu (Kuroge Wagyu 黒毛和牛)

In the hometown of delicious rice, the meat is also delicious

Rearing Method

Raised in the natural environment of Niigata, luxuriously fattened with plenty of high-quality feeds, such as the straw of the Koshihikari rice.

Characteristics of the Taste

Particular about the flavor of the meat and quality of the fats, our beef has a mellow and rich taste.

Murakami Beef 村上牛(Kuroge Wagyu 黒毛和牛)

Vivid color, flavorful, “Kuroge Wagyu that tastes a little differrent”

Rearing Method

Among the “Niigata Wagyu”, cows that are raised in Murakami City, Sekikawa Village or Tainai with the rating grade of “A-4 or more” or “B-4 or more” is referred to as the “Murakami Beef”.

Characteristics of the Taste

Vivid color, soft meat quality, rich flavor, melt-in-your-mouth taste.
Won honorary award twice in「全国肉用牛枝肉共励会」(1996, 2003)